About me

I am a Veteran gamer who is from Melbourne, Australia

My introduction to the computer was on a Sinclair ZX80 in the early 1980’s and its was WOW this is amazing

After that I had a Tandy TRS80 and Apple 2C with the latter having the first game that I played that got me interested in gaming

The game was Akalabeth which was made by Richard Garriot AKA Lord British of the Ultima Series and later introduced to what he dubbed a MMORPG called Ultima Online which started in 1997 and in fact I still play today 18 years later

In the very early days games I liked were Civilization, Doom, Wolfenstien, Wing Commander, Dune 2 , Command and Conquer , Test Drive, Adventure games like Space Quest, Kings Quest, Police Quest and the classic Leisure Suit Larry

We are still in the days of a floppy disk and a megabyte was science fiction

I was involved in racing Speedway Cars in the 1980,s so after retiring from lack of funds I had a natural attraction to Online Sim Racing games which was just as competitive but a whole lot cheaper

Games such as the Ratbag Games Title of Dirt Track Racing Sprintcars on the Gamespy servers and later with Nascar 2003 from Papyrus were played to death because if you wanted to be faster you needed to put the time in so games from fantasy worlds took a back seat for a few years

The transition from dial up to cable sure made things better although most of the time being in Australia games that were primarily played on overseas servers made it quite a challenge especially in a harsh PVP MMO environment

Diablo was an early multiplayer game I enjoyed although only being able to share the experience with 3 other players through it did provide lots of fun although getting instantly killed in town by a cheater really pissed me off seeing that the character I was playing had 0 deaths and was level 49

I think that put me off playing future games where hard mode was available with the inevitable cheater spoiling your gaming experience simply because they can

One game I enjoyed which strayed from the dungeons and dragons genre was the space trading game similar to the old Wing Commander games called Freelancer with the opportunity to play on public servers such as GetOnIt or Game Arena against other players was great fun

Like any game I have played you always had the jerks, scammers, griefer’s and the cheaters but that’s life and it’s the reality of the internet and MMO games

By far the greatest time I had in an MMO was playing Ultima Online on the Siege Perilous server where the rules were designed for experienced players with the rule set much tougher than those on Vanilla shards

Because of the lag I was basically restricted to play as a noncombat character who was heavy on stealth, tracking and spotting enemy positions and because the server was so active it was never boring

Alas the end of an era had come as most of the very best players chose Shadowbane as their next big game so I chose it as well but we soon learned during beta the world servers would be split into regions and the opportunity to play with the many friends and foes I met during those glory days on Siege Perilous were lost

Enter World of Warcraft and this MMO was quite the attraction and something I still play and like it or hate it you just couldn’t ignore its impact on the MMO gaming community

I have played countless games over the years and to give you an idea I enjoyed the following RPG genre games the most

Forgotten Realms, Ravensloft, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Ishar, Wizardry, Dungeon Siege, Dragon Age, Diablo, Ultima Series and naturally The Elder Scrolls

I particularly liked the first Neverwinter Nights game that were dubbed persistent worlds that enabled multiplayer on player modded environments with unique challenges and excellent crafting systems and something I was new to in Role Playing

Many of these games I played had some character I took a liking to and I adopted their name and used it one of my favorite genres the party based RPG and as an ALT in future MMO,s

Party based Fantasy RP games had a few variations where some you started alone and your party evolved along the journey with the ability to add characters you met during your adventure or my preferred method the ability in making a party before you started

One such game was Wizardry 8 although quite linear was my favorite from all those as you had the ability to position your group of 6 strategically and even change your class if desired

Party based RPG’s have basically vanished which is a shame although the revamped XCOM Enemy unknown game was a welcome surprise when recently released

Not really a FPS gamer over the years I did find the Far Cry series was outstanding and suited my strategic play style

From the Elder Scrolls perspective I started playing Arena and was amazed how much freedom you had in a game to literally go anywhere and do anything you wanted irrespective of the main plot and at the time no game let you do that quite like this

Each new Elder Scrolls Title got better from Daggerfall to Morrowind to Oblivion although Oblivion did have a tedious leveling system that you needed to micro manage that took a bit of getting used to it was still amazing

Then I got a copy of Skyrim and this made any game I played previously look ordinary and is by far the best single player RPG I have played to date

To many the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online was just the news MMO players who enjoyed these games wanted to hear

One thing I look back on over the years was it actually took a while to realize that the addiction of MMO gaming was actually the community itself not necessarily just about the game and why it will be great to meet up with old friends and foes of previous battles and in some cases decades ago

This is what players new to MMO’s will notice the most as the communities both good or bad will have an impact on your gaming experience far greater than a single player game can ever hope to do

The name I use is Swampfox and that came about when I was a kid watching a Disney series by the same name from the late 1950,s about Francis Marion and his men during the American Revolution

His claim to fame was being one of the earliest people in history to use tactics we know today as Modern Guerrilla Warfare and was dubbed The Swamp Fox by the enemy

As a boy I was always into playing WAR games and was never attracted towards what other kids played namely Cowboys and Indians as the thought of Indians rushing towards an outpost defended by cowboys just didn’t feel like a sensible strategy to me

My Avatar is a picture of Leslie Nielson (top of post) in the lead role of The Swampfox and because that is the way I played war games as a kid the name Swampfox stuck

I think from memory the only other main character I have used in a major MMO is Ozatar which I modified from the early Ultima games as I thought being the Avatar was too common and being from Australia the Oz prefix seemed to fit

Whenever possible I choose a Dark Elf as my race

My game style has always been the Ranger Class with Stealth and Archery as major skills whenever the game allows it

The pet I choose is either a Dire Wolf or a Large Cat and naturally is game specific with the emphasis on it being able to use stealth or camouflage

I really enjoy Crafting and my alternative characters fill those roles and it gives me the opportunity to play the game without looking over my shoulder all the time

Respectful of those who Role Play I don’t do it very much these days

Previous Guilds I have been associated with

Ultima Online

GOL (Guardians of Light) – Pacific (1997 – 1999)

ROK (Royal Order of Knights) – Siege Perilous (1999 – 2003)

LLTS (The Syndicate) – Atlantic (2008 – 2013)

World of Warcraft

LLTS (The Syndicate) – Zul’Jin (2008 – 2013)

My personal Hobbies include Sports and Non Sports Trading Cards and Gaming with my Friends in OWL

Still do some Online Sim Racing via

I Follow the Australian Rules Football Team The Melbourne Football Club

Other Teams i follow are The Washington Redskins (NFL) and Norwich City Football Club (England)

My IDEAL Dinner Party would have the following 10 Guests

Billy Connolly
Buddy Rich
Francis Marion
Helen Mirren
Neil Degrass Tyson
John Lennon
Mohammed Ali
Christopher Hitchens
Gary Gygax
Jessie Owens

In the mean time say G’Day