Founder Members of OWL WOLF LEGION

As the first stage of our history closed with the launch of The Elder Scrolls MMO just 2 weeks past we acknowledge the following members who had enough faith to join us as a fresh start guild and at that stage no game to play

These people will always remain FOUNDER MEMBERS irrespective of their current Guild Status

Agnar Blackthorn (Asia)
Artemis Shadowblade (Australia)
Arydimine (New Zealand)
Azar Valas (Australia)
Catalina (Australia)
Drask Stormclaw (USA)
Goldren Vell Narr (Australia)
Mala Vrazica (Europe)
Malakeith (Australia)
Sir Mellow (Europe)
Subzar (Australia)
Swampfox (Australia) Guild Master
Synfaer (Australia)
Thasaman (Australia)
The-Hound (Australia)