As a general rule ALL people wanting to join OWL need a referral from a full member of the Guild

This is basically a getting to know you and you getting to know us formula which works very well in making a hands on judgement on your suitability to becoming an OWL Member or if OWL is the right fit for you which is just as important

Just like most other guilds not everyone suits every guild on the planet so it would be a waste of your time and gaming enjoyment joining one that doesn’t meet your expectations

At present the only game we recruit from is The Elder Scrolls Online and our Recruitment Policy for this game is required reading if you are wishing to become a member of OWL

OWL is a MULTI FACTION Guild and recruits from all 3 Factions throughout TAMRIEL

Refer to Mission Statement – (The Elder Scrolls Online) under RECRUITMENT MODIFICATION for clarification)


Member activity is the lifeblood of any guild and we expect members to contribute some of the time they have in game to be of some value to the Guild

We are not however a guild that forces game time or play style on members unless it is impeding the guilds progress or against the principles of its core rules and objectives

We do expect All Members to contribute or at least keep checking on our website forum for updates so they can be informed on what the Guild and its members have planned and what they are doing in game

Take advantage of this information as Grouping is very worthwhile during your journey throughout Tamriel

At the beginning of each Calendar month we send every OWL Member a newsletter giving our new global password change and general information on what we are doing during the month and what we have planned going forward

Members are expected to become self-sufficient although help is always available for those who need it not for those who continually depend on it

OWL realizes that real life issues do crop up from time to time so members who communicate their intentions of taking a break from the game for any reason can do so and still remain a member of the Guild although their status will be Inactive until they return

Inactive members are still required to at least pop their head in the door to read the website updates or even just to say hello

Without any communication at all we would interpret that as having abandoned the Guild so your inactivity will lead to you being removed from the Guild

Expect to be removed from the Guild Roster if you have not been Online for longer than 6 Months unless you have communicated with the Guild with a reason


OWL feels that leaving the Guild for any reason other than to become an INACTIVE Member is a one way door

We think that if you didn’t like being in OWL the first time then you will not like it the second time around either so your application to re-join submission will be rejected in most cases

Leaving the Game is a totally different scenario as this is totally acceptable and you will still remain a Full Member of OWL

Reminder that we are NOT an Elder Scrolls Online Guild but a Multi Gaming Community which in time may play more than one game simultaneously


We have a Multi-Channel Communication Program (TeamSpeak3) that we use for all Guild Activity even if you want to simply chat irrespective if your in game or not

TeamSpeak 3 is MANDATORY on SOME parts of the GUILD so it would be wise to simply have it when joining OWL so we can set up your channel and voice privileges BUT optional to use in general terms

We do encourage all members to use it as there are enough channels ranging from group to solo play for all members

Our TeamSpeak 3 Server is online 24/7

Using TeamSpeak will be a mandatory requirement for pre-planned guild organized activity such as Events, Cyrodiil Missions, Adventure Zones and Dungeons all of which require immediate communication cooperation and coordination

Every MONTH just after the Monthly Newsletter has been sent there will be an OWL General Meeting in which every member of ANY Rank is invited to participate in so Team Speak will be required although your attendance is optional

This is where YOU the member can voice your opinions on the Newsletter and concerns and as always suggestions are always welcome or if you cannot make it a simple email is all that is necessary to write down any concerns or suggestions you may have and send it to the Guild Master OR simply use the CONTACT US tab on this website


OWL is a private guild and keeps the internal workings and information of the Guild within its ranks and it is mandatory that all members are required to do the same

OWL has its own private and active forums which all members are required to visit regularly

We neither care for nor enter into flame wars on public forums as its usually a no win situation no matter how correct the facts are and is not in the best interests of the guild as we have more fun things to do and achieve

We do however feel that being part of the gaming community valid and helpful content even just having an opinion from our members towards properly moderated public forums is encouraged if we find a need to do so


We require all members to speak English at all times

Members will not be permitted to use strict race dialect such as Orc or Drow for role playing reasons and I suggest you are far better off finding a more Hard-Core Role Playing Guild that does


Currently OWL plays the dungeons and dragons fantasy role playing games as our chosen genre

We do however never say never to expand to another genre in the future


OWL is an Oceania based Guild who is more suited to players from countries such as Australia and New Zealand simply because the majority of our member base will be online during those times

Players from other parts of the World are most welcome to join our ranks so long as they understand that the amount of guild members during their normal game time will be in the beginning of this Guilds existence very small

Be aware that this will not always be the case as our intention to search for potential OWL members from a Global perspective is continuous


We have no limit on member numbers as we find that saying NO to a person that could be ideal who really wants to join us as a lost opportunity due to a fixed number rule so many guilds apply and that would be against what we stand for as a Guild


From a Role Playing perspective we are of Chaotic Good Alignment, the Forest is called home and we call Rangers our friends

Role Playing will always remain OPTIONAL and those who choose that path should always be aware that not all members like that style of game play so conversing with those members should always be from you the person not you the character

We do require all members to speak English (Refer – Language)


Brown and White

While the opportunity can be down to being game specific all members are required to wear the Guild Colours on whatever the game implements when possible and practical

We do however don’t expect members to gimp themselves if stats that are attached to a Cloak for example are inferior to something other than having either our guild colours or symbol otherwise there is really no reason not to wear the Guild Colours with pride

Obviously this does not apply to The Elder Scrolls Online MMO so there is no reason not to wear our Guild Tabard that has no Stats or Buffs associated with it

You may wish to dye your Weapons and Armour to different colours other than the Guild Colours as it only applies to the whatever game we are playing that Identifies the Guild such as a Cloak,Tabard,Apron etc

In the Elder Scrolls Online MMO the Tabard is what applies


Elder Scrolls now has the ability to allow Name Plates which allows you to display your Name and your Guild

Activating the Guild Tag you first must be wearing one irrespective if you have also have selected a skin

Selecting a Skin hides the Guild Tabard but the Guild Tag remains visible to other players

BE SURE YOUR GUILD TAG IS VISIBLE as it will become MANDATORY from September 1st 2016


Being a member of a mature Guild such as OWL we expect you to take the name you select to play seriously

All character names are based on game genre and/or common sense and must be passed by the Guild Master before you can use it as a Member of OWL

From the millions of character name choices available any MATURE person can think of an appropriate character name to submit and be confident it will be acceptable

However if your choice submission is of a name that is immature, vulgar, a celebrity, dOOd Speak, aLeTeRd CaPs or symbols and numbers instead of A-Z letters then this Guild is not for you

In ALL cases a Character name should start with a Capital letter – Example Bladestorm is acceptable but bladestorm is not

When you write your OWN name on a document within the realm of real life  i don’t know of anyone who doesn’t start it with a Capital Letter

The same principle applies to 2 or more names such as – Example Rufus Hammerhead is acceptable while both rufus Hammerhead and Rufus hammerhead are not

The ONLY time you can use lower case Letters is in this example – Robin of the Woods, Robin of Kingstown or even Robin de la Savant are acceptable

Basically if It looks TIDY and still retains the GUILDS IMAGE of being MATURE then the #1 reason the Character Naming Policy exists is achieved

This applies to Main and Alternative Characters of ANY Faction

Current members making a fresh Character must make sure their name is acceptable by simply emailing the Guild Master if some doubt exists and if that is the case your probably better off changing it anyway

Our Character Naming Policy is SET IN STONE and applies to any member of OWL and those who already have an unsuitable Character Name wanting to join can either delete it, change it, don’t play it or don’t join.

Current Members need to DELETE their Character and RENAME them as per this Policy (The LEVEL of that Character IS NOT RELEVANT as the POLICY is older than the GAME ITSELF)

The Elder Scrolls now has the ability to change your Character Name via the Crown Store


Any Guild who claims that they are 100% drama free have only ONE member

When drama eventually shows up what the Guild does about it matters the most

Being a member of OWL is all about FUN and NOT being a Jerk or Moron

Teasing and light-hearted jokes are normal, but if a fellow guild mate asks you to stop, do so. On the flip side, develop a thicker skin.

Teasing is a part of life, and while the Members of the Council will keep it from going overboard, not every joke is reason to take offence.

Insults and blatantly offensive comments will not be tolerated, whether or not you think the person deserves it.or not

We are not a family orientated Guild so some cussing is to be expected and acceptable but there is a line and being constantly vulgar and obnoxious is stepping over that line

Do not complain about someone or their play style. Suggest how they can improve. Failure on their part to heed such suggestions is not grounds for you to hassle them about it.

If it is something that impedes the guild’s progress, talk to a Member of the Council, if not let them to play the game.

You will never be good friends with everyone at your work , school or community so don’t expect that to be different in a Guild – Tolerance is the Key


OWL will always have a rule that anything a member can make or produce is always done on a FREE OF CHARGE basis to another member of OWL

The responsibility to buy, gather or trade for the correct materials is the responsibility of the member wanting the item made not the Crafter

Through communication with your crafter the item you want made in an agreeable time frame can be worked out between you both as nobody should expect a crafter to drop everything on a whim.

We don’t care if you accumulated your rare recipe while in another guild before joining us or not as the rule applies to every member of OWL

This also applies to Vampire and Werewolf Bites

Our Crafted Items Policy is SET IN STONE and will never be changed in this Guild


Under normal circumstances we see no need to ally with another player run guild

There will be some occasions where there will be some beneficial or strategic reason for us doing so but in all cases such alliances will be temporary.

Currently and only applicable to The Elder Scrolls Online MMO we have many OWL members who enjoy the PVP part of the game join up with the EP Hit Squad along with other like minded EP Guilds to form a much stronger and more strategic group in Cyrodiil

We also DO allow our Members to make another Character for another Faction just like several other members of the EP Hit Squad have done to make an overall better and more balanced PVP experience as after all the game is meant to be FUN

The appropriate section for any Alliance inquiry is via the CONTACT US form on our website.

OWL HOME CAMPAIGN is TRUEFLAME and is the only campaign OWL Members MUST play EBONHEART PACT

Other Campaigns have no faction restrictions