We would like to tell you that we have been going for years, played everything and conquered XYZ and have done ……..Oh but we cant as we are a Fresh Start Guild ……well a little longer than The Elder Scrolls Online Game has been going 


But we can tell you that we have something in common with ALL Guilds in that they all had a beginning and ours starts like this


Dusk grew upon the lonely road as its silence suddenly broken with the squeal of the dry axle of an approaching wagon

From the cover of thick brush four bandits emerge in ambush and with only a few deadly swings of an axe swiftly made short work of both driver and its noble passengers

An Owl getting prepared for the night ahead startled by the commotion watches from the perch of a tree high above the bloody scene

The attack on the wagon had barely passed as a Wolf pack approached the fog filled bending road from the west

The Owl watched as the Wolves ignored the fallen and the contents of the wagon as if they were looking for something else

The inquisitive Owl silently approached and landed on the wheel of the overturned wagon and curiously watched for a moment as the Wolf mother turned her concerned head towards the Owl

Their eyes met and stared and it was as if a story was being told during that brief moment

The Owl bowed and rose to the sky

As the Owl circled he noticed the Wolf scratch something in the dry dirt below before flying off

Minutes later the Owl flying east spotted the bandits still loud with victory in the distance

Just metres ahead of them was a lone wolf cub who looked lost, hungry and at this very moment vulnerable

As the bandits came closer the cub crouched ready to defend albeit against hopeless odds then rose with a piercing howl as if he knew it was to be his last

With weapons drawn the bandits attacked and the glancing blow from a bloodied axe wounded the courageous and evasive cub

As it lay briefly stunned the cub looked up at the bandits with no mercy in their eyes and stooped its head for the inevitable killing blow

The Owl already moving swiftly in silent flight clutched the heavy cub with its strong talons and with a deafening screech mustered all of its strength rose slowly out of reach of the bewildered bandits

Resting on the branch of a distant tree with the cub safe from harm the bandits angrily chased and taunted the exhausted Owl

Before the bandits could close range with a barrage of arrows the Owl with a deep breath made his escape to hide

After a period of time the rested Owl flew back to the Wagon to examine the mysterious markings left by the Wolf

The Owl hovered above the ground to discover 3 symbols in the shape of an arrow, a circle and a cross

With the cub in its grasp the Owl flew towards the cross in the direction of the arrow and in the dead of night found a heavily camouflaged den

Cautiously the Owl approached the middle of the den and gently placed the cub down on the ground

The Owl screeched which alerted the Wolves who prepared to attack the intruding Owl when the resting Wolf mother awoke and howled until they retreated their intentions

Once again the Wolf stared at the Owl for a brief moment before the Owl bowed and with its beak scratched 3 symbols in the dry dirt

The Owl glanced at the already improving cub heading towards a small pool to drink and with its wings outstretched the Owl hovered above the cub with a respectful screech slowly rose

Before the Owl circled for the final time the cub examined the symbols and with gratitude in his eyes looked to the sky

So begins the Owl Wolf Legion and the adventure continues in the lands of Tamriel of The Elder Scrolls Online