When making the commitment to join what is basically a fresh start Guild (MARCH 2014) albeit with leadership that has decades of MMO Gaming experience we at OWL do assume that you have read and understood the general rules, standards of conduct and our core values that every member of OWL abides by

We look for mature people of good character who are fun to play with and who seek to become a long term guild member not those who join and leave 5 guilds a month

Under the majority of circumstances it is a mandatory requirement before being an accepted member of OWL that membership is on a REFERRAL BASIS from a current FULL Member of OWL

People who have an incorrect name are referred to the Website thus avoiding the issue and let them decide after reading what the Guild Naming Policy is after reading it on the website

The Elder Scrolls Online MMO does have an ability to change your Name but it will cost CROWNS (which is basically Real World Money)

AFTER you have sent in the Application to JOIN form we send you an email in return with an Introduction to OWL information Sheet (This is only for SUCCESSFUL JOINING APPLICATIONS)

ALL unsuccessful applications are always given return mail of why you were unsuccessful and bid best wishes in their gaming future

This is actually very rare as most of the people who are successful are interested enough to READ most of the Website and those who don’t think it is all too hard and never submit an application

Please be DILIGENT in your application as the quality, Content and Accuracy of your answers will be a factor so you would be advised to read EVERYTHING on our website

We don’t apologise for making our joining application form thorough as we figure that anyone who wants to be part of the OWL gaming community LONG TERM would want to read as much as they can BEFORE making a decision on if they want to be part of it or not

Its one sure way that ONLY someone who has read the website can submit a SUCCESSFUL application


If your application to join is successful a follow up email will give you the information necessary to LOGIN to our website as we would have already REGISTERED you upon receipt of the application

Password access to our PRIVATE OWL FORUM and TeamSpeak 3 Server will be included in that email


OWL respects peoples privacy so when you add your real first name to the joining application you can do that or use an alias like a nick name

As far as your last name goes you can also add that or simply the first letter so long as that label has something in it your submission will work

Some people don’t like to divulge their age so as long as you are actually 18 or over you may simply put 18 if you wish



1. Read the whole website (just the text is fine no need to watch the videos)
2. Submit an application to join form
3. Wait for an email from the Guild Master that explains the final step
4. LOGIN to the OWL Website (so you can change to your own password