Mission Statement (Global)
OWL is an online gaming community that is not game specific. We are dedicated to being a friendly, team focused and fun loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster.

We don’t brag about content completed.

We don’t race other guilds to be the first to overcome a collection of pixels on a computer monitor at the expense of our members.

We maintain our belief in Guild first, Members first, Friends first while still advancing through end game content and having lots of fun while doing so.

We welcome game play diversity within our ranks who enjoy PvE, PvP, AvA, Content Progression, Raiding, Role Playing, Crafting, Exploring, Questing and Activity Events

OWL members are not permitted to be in another Guild (See Note)


NOTE Some games such as The Elder Scrolls Online do have the opportunity to be in up to 5 Guilds

OWL only allows members to join other guilds for trading and merchant purposes and not a full player run guild

If you feel the need to join another player run Guild like OWL then you have a decision to make as its either OWL and only OWL or simply don’t join OWL

The only exception to this currently is within the Cyrodiil conflict where we have allowed OWL Members to join organised PVP groups consisting of Solo players and like minded Guilds