Alliance – Multi Faction

Server – North America

Platform – PC

Time Zone – AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT 10+)

Our goal in the Elder Scrolls Online MMO will be to have fun and play as a team continuing to beat new challenges implemented by the developers.

In PvP and AvA we will be very competitive in the roles we play for the Ebonheart Pact (this only applies to OWL’s HOME CAMPAIGN – Azuras Star)

ALL 3 FACTIONS are permitted to be played by OWL Members in ALL Campaigns except AZURAS STAR

We will have a strong focus on strategic missions for our scouts, resource gathering for our crafters, and equipping our combat squads with the best gear available in defeating our foes

In PvE exploration, questing and crafting will be a massive part of our daily activity

We have deemed PVE to be a totally NEUTRAL ENVIRONMENT which should and can be enjoyed by OWL Members no matter what Faction their Character is in

Role playing at all levels is welcome, encouraged and completely optional

OWL will ALWAYS be actively looking for good people within the gaming community that currently play or are intending to play the Elder Scrolls Online MMO who are looking at joining OWL

Because this game allows players the opportunity to be in up to 5 Guilds OWL members are not permitted to be another player run guild although player run guilds that are based on Merchant and Trading are acceptable along with NPC run guilds such as the Mages / Fighters Guild for example


OWL has a policy on recruiting players via a referral from a full member of OWL

The ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE MMO has finally added NAME PLATES to the game which allows you to toggle what you want visible to other players in the Settings Screen

This will allow other players to see if a player is from OWL

By all means if you wish to use that person as an OWL Referral then do so as long as you have GROUPED with them a few times

You are encouraged to ask questions about the Guild

Guild Competitions
Crafting Days
Resource Runs
Guild Activity Events (WEEKLY)
Game Specific Events (As required by Members)