OWL is an altruistic style guild

The definition of altruistic is behaviour that is selfless and intended to help others which is focuses on a Guild First, Members First Friends First Policy



OWL has an open door policy towards communication with our Council members who promote and encourage ideas and feedback from any member being an important part of the process of making the Guild move forward

Guild Council has 3 ranks

2.GUARDIAN – Advisor
3.RANGER – Squad Leader

VETERAN – Basically a Full Member of the Guild who has at one time had a Leadership Role within the Guild Council

SENTINEL – Full Members of the Guild who are currently Inactive

OWL – Full Member of OWL

TRIAL MEMBER – Members who are currently still on their 30 Day Trial Period before becoming an OWL

RECRUIT – Members who have submitted a successful joining application and have yet to LOGIN to the Website, Set up their Team Speak 3 with our OWL TS3 Server

RECRUITS who have NOT completed the necessary requirements are REMOVED from the Guild (We Allow 10 Days) unless a requested extension of time has been given