1. Members may not use cheats, hacks or exploits.

2. Consensual PvP is encouraged, and a fun aspect of the guild.

3. Upholding all guild core values and rules is required of all members.

4. Members need to behave in a mature, professional, team focused manner.

5. Make friends in the guild. At our core, we are a team of friends. So make friends. As those friendships make us strong.

6. The handling of issues with guild policies or another member is best resolved 1-on-1, via email to a Member of the Council if help is needed, but do not personally attack other members as it shows us the sign that you are not mature enough to be here

7. Backstabbing, ninja-looting, stealing, scamming, or otherwise harming other members is not permitted. It all goes back to our core values that we are a team of friends.

8. Profanity, sexual content, and obscene content are not needed or permitted in guild channels in-game, or in-game chat

9. Griefing and causing misery to other players is strictly forbidden and not the OWL way


I have often used the term doing things the OWL Way

But what does that actually mean ?

I will give you some examples

You are approaching a node that you want to get and you see someone else with the same intention and the race to get it first is questionable then that node is THEIRS

This node could be a Master Locked Chest or even as simple as some iron ore

IF they are never going to beat you to it then its YOURS

Common Courtesy in MMO,s isnt that common but to an OWL its the ONLY way

In zone chat you see someone asking a question that is incorrectly answered most probably by some moron who gets pleasure out of it

It could be something as simple as how do you get off your mount and the moron answers with Ctr Alt Del or even R which is the default for your Ultimate

Simply whispering the letter H which by default is mount/dismount command to the person asking is by far the best method as you want to avoid doing so in chat especially if the answer your giving is of the advice variety as you often
get abused and critised for it simply because they can and will

You will notice that the correct advice given in chat is quickly forgotten as some just want to TROLL and have a flame war instead

You dont need to be playing an MMO game very long to see this in zone chat especially at the lower levels

You login for your nightly ESO fix and you notice a few new people have been recruited into our Guild

You check the notes and its Billy from Texas and he is a level 4 Nightblade in Bleakrock

For all you know he could have High level Toons in the Daggerfall Covenant and been playing since Beta

On the face of it i would guess most of us would say that Billy has just brought the game

It doesnt matter which example of Billy we use as the exact same thing an OWL should do is simply say hello

We neither want you to ruin what you set out to do for the night by helping Billy get his Level 4 to Level 10 as this is not what we ask and it is also the wisest thing to do by letting Billy discover the Game for himself

If Billy needs help he needs to ask

A simple greeting is enough with an offer to help if required MEANS Billy has chosen a Guild that cares about its members

Its the OWL Way